Steps To Get Your Ex Back

just broke up how to get ex back

A relationship that you treasured may be over; however, how will you face the truth that you are still not over your ex and you still believe that the relationship can be saved? If you can reflect on what truly went wrong and mend what needs mending; then, you have greater chances of convincing your ex to give you another chance.

Here are some of the guides on how you can possibly reconcile with your ex-partner:

  • Understand the cause of the break-up.

Contemplate on what did each of you do to end up with a breakup. The probabilities are that it was not a one-sided issue. Recognizing what you have done wrong will surely aid you strengthen the relationship. In the same way, if nothing else, it will aid you ward off the same mistakes in your future relationships.

  • Find out if your ex-partner is still interested.

It is necessary for you to know whether he or she still cares or not before you start trying to get him or her back. By doing so, you will obtain hints and you will easily know if you have greater chances of capturing his or her heart again.

  • It is advisable to avoid contact particularly for the first two weeks after the breakup.

Remember your ex will get in touch with you if he or she wants to talk. If he or she doesn’t, surely, nothing you say or do will ever change that. At times, ignoring your ex-partner will make them feel that you are perfectly okay without him or her and that you’re already moving on; which is the precise opposite of what he or she wants.

how to get back with your ex

  • Consider hanging out with your friends and focus on yourself.

To do this, try throwing yourself into work and do things that you weren’t able to do when you’re in the relationship. For a fact, you do not prefer to appear needy but deep inside you are waiting for your ex to call you again. Keep yourself busy to avoid thinking of what happened for a while.

  • Take a good look at yourself.

Ponder carefully what kind of person were you when he or she first met you and fell in love with you. Observe if you have changed, are you better or someone not lovable anymore and ask yourself if you are a happier person today than you were then? In case that you can uprightly say that you haven’t changed for the better; then, probably you have failed to some bad habits or you allowed your anxieties and fears get the best of the real you.

  • Be the person he fell in love with.

Consider thinking back to when you and your ex first got together. Think about the things he or she loved about you. Was it your personality, the way you talk and think, your sense of humor, your wit etc. Whatever it may be, do your best to reignite the fire the same way as it was before.

  • Hang out again with your ex but for now do it casually.

You may consider doing something non-committal such as playing sports, having a drink with some other friends and the like. Make sure to make it something first dates and friends alike can do. Keep in mind, whatever it is you choose to do with them, keep it fun and as much as possible refrain from serious talks for now. Learn how to text your ex back.

  • By the time you and your ex are ready and you think and feel that it’s the perfect time to talk about the breakup with your ex, invite your ex to talk to you.

This time, you may freely express how you feel. You may ask your ex if what went wrong was connected to what you have been working on. At this period, perhaps, your ex-partner may have a different mindset.

steps to get ex back

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