How to Naturally Improve your Vision

Eyes are one among many organs we hold so preciously and therefore we should take extra care in ensuring that they are in good condition. It is no wonder that people spend millions of shillings trying to improve or restore their vision not knowing there are natural ways of doing so.

Eye Exercises

There exist a number of exercises one can perform as a way of naturally improving their vision. These habitual eye exercises are one of the fastest if not the fastest ways of naturally improving your vision. These eye exercises are meant to strengthen the eyes and thereby improving eyesight. It has been established that these exercises can completely eliminate contact lenses and glasses.

Applying Heat

The first exercise involves applying heat to your eyes. This is done by rubbing your palms together until they produce some heat before placing them over your eyes. The hands should remain over the eyes for about 10 seconds. The exercise should be done over and over again.

Rolling the Eyes

The other exercise involves the rolling of your eyes. Rolling of eyes is basically the most stress free of all the eye exercises. Here’s how it goes:

  • Look as far as you can without straining then repeatedly look down for as many as 10 times
  • Look sideways repeatedly 10 times
  • Look in each diagonal direction and finally
  • Roll your eyes repeatedly in both the clockwise and counter clock wise motion 10 times

Staring in Focus


Another exercise is to hold a pen at arm’s length while ensuring that it is at the eye level. You should then focus on the tip of the pen while moving it close to your eyes. One should stop when the distance between the pen and the face is about six inches. You again move the tip away with the focus still on the tip until it is at arm’s length. This exercise involves slow movements and should be done at least 10 times.

It is recommended that you massage your eyes after every exercise. Massage the temples with fingertip in both the clockwise and anticlockwise direction several times. Then massage your eyebrows not forgetting under the eyes. Lastly apply some heat as before.

Healthy Nutrition for your Eyes

Many people have heard about healthy eating which involves the eating of plenty of fruits and vegetables. The problem is they think it concerns weight loss only. But, as discussed in Restore My Vision Today Review, there are also food that helps in improving our eyesight and ensuring it does not deteriorate. Key vitamins and minerals that are important to eye health include Vitamin A, C, and E.

Anti-oxidants such as carrots are still the number one natural way of improving vision. So never forget to eat carrots. This is because they are the biggest spring of nutrients that makes our eyes healthy. Nowadays in the shops there exist quite a variety a supplements or multi vitamins that one can purchase if he is feeling that he is not getting the right amount or the kind of vitamins.

best foods for eye vision improvement

Many online programs aimed at enlightening the public on ways of naturally restoring or improving your vision recommend up to 17 different vitamins that one should take to aid in eye health. It is nevertheless important to consider the fact that as much as vitamins and healthy eating is important part in the health of our eyes it cannot solely solve the problems pertaining vision.

Above all always rest your eyes buy closing them for some time when you are feeling they are really tired. Furthermore ensure that you get enough sleep that is at least 8 hours every night.

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