How To Gain Back Your Youthful Looks

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Aging is a natural process as the body goes through its wear and tear mode. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark hair, eye bags seem natural when you reach the age of 50 and above. But for these things to happen in your 30’s is quite alarming. These signs of aging are dreaded by many but thanks to new (but expensive) technology eye serums, face creams and even resulting to cosmetic surgery, you look younger than your age.

Investing on eye serums, creams, moisturizers and the like are good because it gives efficient results. But you should not lean on these things alone because there are a lot of things that contribute to aging these days. You have to identify the causes and counteract them with the right method to reverse the signs of aging. The best part is, you don’t have to spend much for these routines and applications. You just have to make a pact with yourself to start living healthy from this day forward.

Manage your stress

At this point, stress will never go away. As long as you are working or even at a stay-at-home parent, stress occurs. Medically, once you are stress, it tends to increase cortisol and norepinephrine levels. This will result to blood constriction, which can lead to high blood pressure. It also decreases your immunity level. There are simple yet effective ways to manage stress. You can do deep breathing exercises for 2 minutes and repeat this twice a day. Never manage stress with stress eating. Take a break from work and try to enjoy your surrounding.

Sleep it off

Sleeping is a very important tool in order to reverse the aging process. You are way pass your college days where you can stay up for 24 hours or wait for late night shows. You have to recharge at least 8 hours a day so your body can recuperate from the stress and everything that you have gone through for the whole day. As much as possible never turn on the alarm especially during weekends or off days.

Exercise for a healthy body, not to lose weight

Although losing weight is important to avoid becoming overweight or obesity, this should not onlye be the reason for working out at this stage. Exercise to further strengthen your immune system and to help you be fit. You don’t need to lift weights and do strenuous exercises. Instead, you can do walking, dancing and other cardio exercises. Enrolling to yoga is very helpful because it does not only help you shed off unwanted fats but it corrects posture and treat certain problems by doing certain poses.

Invest on antioxidants and vitamins

As you age, your body needs more supplements to keep you healthy and fight off diseases. There are a lot of free radicals entering your body from the food you ate, the stress you are going through and other factors. Antioxidants and vitamins help fight off these radicals. To achieve maximum results, it is best to consult your doctor and ask for their help. They can suggest which vitamins are right for you.

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Watch what you eat

You are already an adult and you should be responsible for the things that enter into your mouth. Distinguish the good and bad foods and see to eat you are eating healthy meals. Avoid taking out fast food. Instead cook healthy meals in your kitchen. Cooking is not a problem if you are not a fan. There are a lot of easy and relatively healthy recipes you can search online. You can’t even believe Paleo meals and South Beach diet are easy to prepare.

While you’re at it, drink a lot of water. Cut off soda and other carbonated drinks. Instead drink water with lemon. It nourishes your body aside from quenching your thirst. Do healthier choices like substituting coffee for tea or if you can’t avoid Starbucks, tell the barista to use non-fat milk and get rid of the whip cream. The Old School New Body program discusses the F4X System that helps reverse the aging process effectively. Learn it at:

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