Easy Weight Loss Tips For Women

There are a lot of weight loss techniques, tips and diets available today (for example, the Venus Factor women weight loss program which I’m sure most of you have heard). All you have to do is just choose from them and start your weight loss regimen. However, the problem with many choices is that it is overwhelming and you may end up choosing a fad or wrong weight loss combination.

Immersing you and goal setting are important for an effective weight loss. You cannot be half-hearted when telling yourself you want to lose weight. It is a combination of good diet, physical fitness and positive attitude for the best results. Most of all, the results are gradual and does not manifest right away. Although you can see fast results when indulging in cosmetic surgery but you cannot truly appreciate the efforts you have done in getting to a better shape.

To be a better and bolder you, here are some of the best and effective tips you need to practice for successful weight loss.

easy weight loss tips

Have a “lost it today” attitude

Do not procrastinate your weight loss aura. Weight loss especially trying to do a painless weight loss is not easy in the beginning. However, you will certainly go just fine over time. Like they always say, the first cut is the deepest but you will survive. A study was published in the Obesity Research where obese people have lost about 30 pounds in 2 years but were able to maintain because they keep doing healthy practices.

Sharing is loving.

There is no doubt most servings are big for one to eat or sometimes consuming the whole meal makes you feel very stuffed. Try sharing a meal when dining out with your loved ones or with your friends who are also trying to lose weight. Split the dessert to avoid feeling very guilty and overwork yourself in the gym the following day.

Go natural or at least lighten things up

Luckily there are a lot of healthy options in groceries or even in restaurants today. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating your favorite pizza as long as it has low-fat cheese or eat organic ice cream for dessert. The best part is you don’t have to feel deprived of the taste because these foods are equally delicious as the non-fat once. you can always make your own recipe choosing organic ingredients. It is not just for weight loss but also for a healthier lifestyle.

tips to shed pounds

Never underestimate hydration

Water itself is a very strong tool to lose weight. Drink a recommended 8 glasses of water a day and you will feel healthier and even lose more weight. Sometimes you have this feeling that you are hungry. Try to postpone eating and just drink a glass of water instead. Try adding lemon to your glass of water and you will burn more fats and keeps you feel fuller. You can also try experimenting on different juicing techniques. Mixing different berries or adding lemon and other fruits and vegetable are powerful antioxidants too!

Move as much as you can

You don’t necessarily need to enroll yourself to a gym. You can just walk around your neighborhood to keep your heart pumping and burn those fats resting in your arms, thighs and abdomen. But if you don’t feel like walking around your neighborhood, you can try moving around your house or choose the stairs instead of elevators. You can opt to park you car at the farthest part of the grocery or mall.  These are simple exercises but very effective in calorie burning.

Avoid stress. Sleep more

It has been proven that stress can cause you to binge-eat and result to an unhealthy diet. Avoid stress as much as possible especially at work. Sleep early at night and try to sleep for 6-8 hours. Avoid the habit of compensating stress and lack of sleep from eating. Instead address stress in a different manner like exercise, yoga or just simply chill in your bed.

tips to lose weight easily


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