About Herpes: Prodrome Symptoms, Types and Treatments

Herpes is a widely known and prevalent disease that has earned its spot in the world as one of the incurable sexually transmitted diseases. Herpes is a difficult condition to catch because it can sometimes appear without the usual symptoms, and this makes it a silent and deadly ailment that spreads very effectively, especially in poor and underprivileged communities. Although not usually a life threatening condition, it does take its toll on the ability to live a normal day to day life as well as normal relationship. Catching Herpes means a complete transformation of a person’s life to the worse, without much hope on the horizon! Living with Herpes is a constant battle to the grave.

About Herpes

Herpes is a viral skin infection caused by either 2 different strains of the Herpes virus. The mainstream name of the Herpes viruses are Herpes Simplex type 1 and Herpes Simplex type 2. The first type is the most common type of the two strains.


The tell-tale symptoms of Herpes are the appearance of red sores on the skin, It usually infects certain areas such as the face or genitals. It is not uncommon to find the sores on other parts of the body. Herpes can be present in the body without showing any symptoms, which makes it a hard diagnosis to make. Many people who are carrying the disease are unaware of their condition.


Although Herpes is a viral condition, it does not spread through blood transfusion; it is spread by direct infection of the skin through contact with the skin of a carrier of Herpes. Because of its contact-induced method of spreading and infection, Herpes is considered a sexually transmitted disease as it is most commonly transmitted through sexual intercourse. The virus infects other individuals mostly through shedding the sores on the skin, but sometimes infection can occur without any visible signs. People who are unaware of their condition due to lack of symptoms present a hidden health risk to anyone they come into contact with, and especially sexual partners.

Daily life with Herpes

how to live life with herpes

From a health perspective, Herpes has no troublesome symptoms or detrimental effect on the health of its host. Herpes patients experience periodic outbreaks of sores that decrease in frequency and severity over time.

Herpes changes life as the infected person knows it; suddenly they have become an infection risk to everyone who knows of their conditions, which is usually their loved ones. Herpes patients must live knowing that their loved ones will be scared to come close to them, and with the fear that they themselves will transmit the disease to their partner or family members. Herpes is for life, and so are its emotional implications

Society as a whole has come to dislike patients of permanent STDs such as Herpes, and this creates a huge barrier for Herpes patients to enjoy the world and the company of others. One aspect of the life of a Herpes patient that suffers greatly is their romantic life; many potential partners shy away at the risk of catching Herpes themselves, and that is enough to discourage any Herpes patient. Women with Herpes can sometimes transmit the virus to their child if they get pregnant, which presents a big dilemma for couples with Herpes.

Still, Herpes patients can learn to live almost normal lives with some adjustments to take their condition into consideration! The key is to not let Herpes get to your spirit, and not allow it to set you back with what you want to do with your life.


Herpes is an incurable disease, but many medications are available that effectively curb its symptoms and prevent its spread. These medications, along with strong will and a positive attitude, as everything a Herpes patient needs to prevent Herpes from wiping the smile off their face! But wait! A cure is actually available: The Ultimate Herpes Protocol exposes the secrets and ways to eliminate herpes for once and for all!

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