About Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Is There a Cure?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are commonly utilized interchangeably since a lot of people perceive that one defines the other. In truth, the difference between these diseases generally causes confusion to patients, caregivers and their families.

Let us delve into how these two diseases although somewhat related are significantly distinct:

What Is The Distinction Between Dementia And Alzheimer’s?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are still a conundrum in several ways. This is the reason why the two somewhat identical diseases are typically mixed up in daily conversation as well as in understanding. As stated by NIA or National Institute on Aging, Dementia is a type of brain disorder which actually affects communication and performance of everyday activities while Alzheimer’s disease is characterized as a form of dementia that particularly affects some parts of the brain that control memory, thought and language.

Discovering More About Dementia

Dementia is regarded as a term for an array of symptoms comprising of impaired memory and thinking. It is a term which is frequently linked with the cognitive downturn of aging. Be that as it may, complications other than Alzheimer’s can literally cause Dementia. Meanwhile, other prevalent causes of Dementia are Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Parkinson ’s disease and are Huntington’s Disease.

Learning More About Alzheimer ’S Disease

Alzheimer ’s disease as stated by the Center for Disease Control is a prevailing cause of dementia that causes almost 50 up to 70% of all cases of Dementia. In point of fact, Alzheimer’s is a very particular form of dementia. Its symptoms compose of confusion, impaired speech and impaired thought. Physicians utilize a variety of examinations to detect the cause of Dementia including brain scans, mental status assessments and blood tests.

Alzheimer’s is deemed as a growing disease, where symptoms of dementia gradually aggravate over the years. And, take note that this is not just a normal part of aging even though the highest recognized risk factor is increasing age.

How Are These Two Diseases Distinct?

dementia vs alzheimers symptoms

When an individual is diagnosed with Dementia, he or she is being diagnosed with a group of symptoms. Furthermore, this is identical to someone who is suffering from a sore throat. In other words, his or her throat is sore; however, it is not recognized what truly causes that certain symptom. It could be a common cold, strep throat or allergies. Also, when someone is afflicted with Dementia, he or she is experiencing symptoms without being notified what really causes those specific symptoms.

One of the primary distinctions between the two diseases is the fact that Alzheimer’s disease is definitely not an unpredictable disease. In point of fact, it is incurable and degenerative at present. A few types of Dementia like vitamin deficiency and drug interaction are absolutely temporary or reversible. The good news is that by the time a cause of Dementia is detected; suitable treatment and counseling may begin. As far as appropriate diagnosis is done, the most excellent approach to any Dementia is communication, engagement and loving care.

Due to the fact that a few causes of Dementia can be partially treated or cured, it is very vital that your physician is careful when making the analysis so to ensure not missing conceivably treatable conditions. The prevalence of treatable causes of dementia is perceived to be approximately 20%.

The Significance Of More Research Funding And Public Awareness

Although the distinctions between Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are understandable to families who deal with these diseases, it is still quite valuable to promote public awareness to further differentiate the two.  Essentially, further understanding of what precisely causes Alzheimer’s disease will greatly aid clear any disorientation and expectantly lead to more exceptional treatment plans and, eventually, a cure. However, you might want to read this interesting article: http://www.healthinternetwork.org/memory-healer-program-review/

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